PRCA Reduces Central Costs; Focuses on New Service Model

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) today announced details of central cost reductions as it reconfigures its model to deliver services centrally.

The principle changes relating to staffing include:

– The furloughing of a third of employees
– Pay reductions for all staff
– The Director General reducing his pay to zero

The changes were implemented last week and will be in place for at least the next two months.

These measures will allow the PRCA to deliver its new model, focussed around virtual engagement. Upcoming initiatives include:

– Virtual conferences, e.g. the PRCA International Summit on May 20 and 21
– Virtual Group events, e.g. the B Corp Group event on April 16
– The replacement of face to face training and qualifications with fully interactive online classrooms
– The delivery of major support programmes for members, e.g. PRCA Global COVID-19 Communications Taskforce
– The continuation of regular member engagement at every level.

These projects will be delivered alongside industry support initiatives which include:

– 6 months’ free individual membership for those who have lost their job. This offer is also available to freelancers whose income has fallen significantly as a result of the COVID-19 crisis
– Making our legal helpline available to all practitioners
– Lobbying central government regarding business support measures.

Director General Francis Ingham MPRCA, said:

“We’re reducing our central costs so that we can focus resources on delivering our new service model. We know that more than ever, members need support and the industry needs a voice, and we are determined to fulfil both of those roles with energy and determination. These staffing changes will help us do just that by cutting back on back-office functions, and focussing on what matters right now.”

PRCA Chairman Jim Donaldson MPRCA, said:

“These are unprecedented times for every sector and it is vital that the PRCA continues to support the industry and its members. The measures being taken represent significant sacrifices for PRCA staff members and the Director General, and I know all of us hope they will be temporary until the height of this pandemic is over.

“I applaud all the work the organisation is doing at the moment at a time when we must come together as an industry and support each other.”