Predictions for 2018

ROI, ROI, ROI Demonstrating a tangible return on investment will be critical in 2018. With clients looking to demonstrate more bang for their buck – and to appease multiple stakeholders – it will be more important than ever before to demonstrate measurable results. As the industry (at last!) starts to move away from the age-old […]

PR Trends for 2018

Content Marketing: While content marketing has been the norm for a lot of companies and agencies, 2018 will see Context marketing really come to the forefront. Context marketing simply means delivering the right message (content) to the right person (target audience) at the right time. In fact, Facebook has now changed its algorithm to reward […]

Trends in the PR industry to watch for in 2018

Edward Bernays, the father of Public Relations, defines its functions in three simple acts- inform people, persuade people and integrate people with people. As people and their preferences changed, we saw the industry evolve and saw new channels of information emerge. The industry has come a long way from being largely reactive to integrating with […]