This month, is the brand which has achieved the largest rise in its Ad Awareness in Saudi Arabia. The uplift coincides with Amazon and Souq announcing the launch of mid-month. Following the rebrand of Souq in the UAE to last year, the e-Commerce giant continues to grow the Amazon name in the […]

Although most UAE employees feel their employers have treated them well during this difficult time, some sectors show far higher satisfaction levels than others YouGov’s latest research reveals that a large proportion of UAE employees are very positive about how their employer has treated them during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 56% rating their company’s treatment […]

The unpredictability of COVID-19, has pushed W7Worldwide to work towards developing a guide covering how CEOs can safely lead their organization through Phase 2 of the crisis.  This is the management phase between the containment of the crisis and things beginning to ease and recover.  An uncertain wait and see phase with its own unique […]