In March 2020, COVID-19 truly made its mark as a global pandemic, one that quickly evolved with no evident end in sight. The impact on businesses was unparalleled and for many retailers who were forced to close, the shift to digital became inevitable – it became the only outlet through which they could try to […]

Open Letters – From the desk of Suzanne Kanianthra Senior Account Director at Golin MENA and NextGen Vice-Chair 6th June, 2021 Dear 20-year-old Suzanne, In the rather grand scheme of things, where you are right now is just a small chapter. Jumping into the workforce in your 20’s is going to be fun, exciting, challenging, […]

By Mai Elsayed, NextGen MENA Committee member, Clinical Hypnotherapist with Psychotherapy Skills, Internationally Published Author and PR Manager at Seven Media Stop and think for a moment – you spend every breathing minute of your life making decisions. These decisions are based on the beliefs that you hold dear to your heart. The choice you […]