Amidst the ongoing pandemic, MCG&Co now re-branded to DMCG Global has announced details of their increased hiring activity across a number of their office locations including Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Having launched their global recruitment agency only this year, DMCG Global decided to push forward with a positive attitude, also launching their innovative recruitment […]

A Company Culture of Care Will Keep ‘Remote Working’ Staff Productive and Healthy! Hilmarie Hutchison, CEO, Matrix Public Relations We have witnessed several corporate changes ever since COVID-19 raised its ugly head. This global crisis has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives – from the way we interact with each other to how we […]

You see me laughing, smiling and being loud, But all I see is a big grey cloud. It follows me everywhere and just won’t go away, Waking up is hard, the cloud is here to stay. The excuses start to form, ‘I can’t make it today, I don’t feel well’ Suddenly this becomes the norm… […]