Join the PRCA MENA, the leading professional association for public relations and communications in the Middle East and North Africa, and become part of the world’s largest network of public relations and communications professionals globally.
We represent more than 35,000 PR professionals in 82 countries worldwide. We are a global advocate for excellence in public relations. Our teams across Europe, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific work with professionals around the world to co-ordinate our operations across six continents. We share industry best practice and promote all aspects of public relations and communications work around the globe.

All PRCA members are bound by a professional charter and codes of conduct to demonstrate that they work professionally, efficiently, and to the highest ethical standards.

What PRCA MENA Freelance Membership offers you:

PRCA MENA is in Partnership with The Work Crowd:

  • The Work Crowd are a global community of 4,500 PR & Communications experts, mentors, advisors and freelancers who have a plethora of industry sector experience. They work with 2000 Start-ups, Scale-ups, corporates, charities and Government Bodies across 10 countries who are looking for business critical skills and knowledge. Their global communication experts help organisations to gain the knowledge, support and expertise to implement their business goals. Their diverse community are PR & Communications experts in their industry field of knowledge, who help formulate strategic decisions, drawing upon their knowledge and expertise.
  • 5% off for PRCA MENA members of the first freelance contract fees charged by The Work Crowd.
  • To avail this discount reach to us on

Global recognition and credibility

  • Become part of the largest professional body in the world for PR and Communications practitioners, raising your profile, enhancing your credibility, and developing your global network.
  • By joining the PRCA MENA you automatically become a member of ICCO, with access to all of its services.
  • Being bound by the PRCA Code of Conduct is the clearest possible demonstration of a commitment to ethical practice.

Outstanding professional development

A global network

  • Create a network of contacts and potential customers via ICCO’s 3,000 agency members, and build new partner relationships to maximise the value you can deliver to clients.

Insight to keep you on top of industry trends

  • Receive the latest market intelligence and industry data via our monthly newsletter.
  • Develop insights into other PR markets through the PRCA’s Reports: Value of the PR Industry in the MENA Region, Census Reports in the UK, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and  and via the ICCO World Report.

Access to an unparalleled range of events around the world

  • Take part in the annual PRCA Conferences and Awards in the MNEA Region. Please visit the Events’ section
  • Access ICCO’s annual Global Summit and its annual events on each continent.
  • Enter the PRCA and ICCO awards programmes, showcasing your best work.

To enquire about a PRCA MENA Freelance/Individual Membership, please contact: