Volkswagen celebrates 45 years of Golf GTI with a special exhibit showcasing the evolution of the iconic hatch

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; November 22, 2021 – It’s celebration time for Golf GTI enthusiasts in the UAE as Volkswagen Middle East marks the 45th anniversary of one of its most iconic cars with a special ‘The Power of Eight’ exhibition.

The event, held at the Al Nabooda Automobiles showroom from 22 to 27 November, brings all eight generations of the Golf GTI together for the first time ever in Dubai along with a photo gallery charting the history of the car and its owners from the region.

The display will enthral motor enthusiasts across generations as it showcases the evolution of the beloved GTI models, right from the Mk1 through to this year’s Mk8 edition.

Volkswagen Middle East Managing Director, Victor Dalmau, said, “The GTI is an icon in the automotive world. A living legend that has become a brand by itself. Each of these 8 models represents 45 years of cutting edge automotive technology evolution. It’s such a rare privilege to see all eight versions of this engineering masterpiece all in one place.”

“The GTI perfectly pairs daily functionality with the performance of a true sports car, a balance so unique and difficult to find. 45 years and eight generations later, it continues to appeal to drivers across different age groups and nationalities: we call them Generation GTI”

The original Golf GTI made its first appearance in 1976 the same year the Dubai dealer for Volkswagen, Al Nabooda Automobiles was founded.

  1. Rajaram, CEO at Al Nabooda Automobiles, added, “Al Nabooda Automobiles started this journey in the UAE in 1976 with Volkswagen. Since then, the Golf GTI model is and has always had a strong following among our customers. We are happy to celebrate eight generations of this iconic car this year, on the 45thyear of our inception.”

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