You see me laughing, smiling and being loud, But all I see is a big grey cloud. It follows me everywhere and just won’t go away, Waking up is hard, the cloud is here to stay. The excuses start to form, ‘I can’t make it today, I don’t feel well’ Suddenly this becomes the norm… […]

If you have the power to make a child’s wildest dreams become a reality, bring their imagination to life and  give them a memory that will last forever, then you are in a pretty powerful and meaningful industry. Not many people can say that, right? People working in PR can proudly claim that they make […]

I was sat on the toilet cubical floor, tears were rolling down my cheek and I was struggling to breathe but trying not to make too much noise at the same time so no-one heard me. My heels were thrown off and my bangle lay next to them and I was sure I’d sat in […]