Beyond The Resume: Redefining PR Success In 2024

In an industry marked by constant change, insights from classrooms and neatly listed credentials on a resume only scratch the surface of a PR professional’s capabilities. Beyond formal qualifications are skills that truly define success in this ever-evolving field.

My recent relocation to the UAE has been a rollercoaster, involving the navigation of disparities between the African and UAE markets to make a significant impact in the industry. Bringing insights from both regions in my workspace has revealed various similarities, for instance, highlighting how both markets are integral parts of the global landscape. This equips me to comprehend and leverage global communication trends. Common threads such as digital transformation, emphasis on relationships, multilingual communication, and understanding the media landscape link these markets, enhancing the value of my collaborative efforts as part of a diverse team.

Nevertheless, nuanced differences in regulatory frameworks, economic landscapes, technology adoption rates, and communication styles necessitate a strategic and adaptive approach. This challenge has propelled me to think creatively and tailor each thought accordingly. The journey has honed vital skills not taught in a classroom – adaptability, emotional intelligence, creative problem-solving, and strategic relationship building. Adaptability isn’t just about keeping pace with trends; it involves navigating geopolitical conflicts, shaping industry tactics, and influencing day-to-day interactions.

While a resume highlights professional milestones, it often conceals creative endeavors beyond the conventional workday. Side gigs play a pivotal role in cultivating skills and adding depth of experience. Stepping out of my comfort zone to start a podcast has perfected my public speaking skills, intricately shaping client interactions and relationship dynamics.

Diverse challenges are undoubtedly inevitable. Devising unique campaign strategies or responding innovatively to evolving client needs in a new market requires thinking beyond conventional boundaries. Relying solely on academic theory risks overlooking the ongoing industry revolution. More than ever, multifaceted storytelling, seamlessly intertwining diverse elements, transforms a campaign from a mere communication piece into a lasting connection with industry relevance. Additionally, beyond external facades, relationship building within and outside the organization is about understanding the long-term impact on PR success.

In conclusion, the world of PR demands a skill set beyond the ordinary to thrive in the field and find fulfillment in day-to-day activities. My journey through diverse markets is a continuous learning experience building up universal skills that propel success in this dynamic industry.


By: Nicole Akalla

Senior Comms Executive, Catch Communications