‘Creativity – transform your capability’ be more strategic, be smarter using Chat GPT

New tools like Chat GPT make doing creativity easier but means you have to be smarter about how to manage and deliver your creative potential to gain a competitive edge.

Discover why you need to be creatively smarter even though new tools like Chat GPT seemingly make creativity easier. You need to move up a gear in being creative, in your agile strategic thinking, your capability to be curious, resourceful, and insightful.

At the heart of outstanding creativity is asking better questions – the critical skill for maximising your use of tools like Chat GPT. Disruption forces you to either adopt new ways of doing or adapt faster – or be left behind.

Help is at hand where I’ll be sharing for the first time, new ways to integrate and harness new tools like Chat GPT by enabling you to deliver with greater creative purpose.

Creativity is the #1 soft skill companies need according to LinkedIn. It is one of the key skills required in practice, by recruiters, and for gaining a competitive advantage. Yet for most in the industry creativity is something that just somehow intuitive – it just happens. The advent of Chat GPT means you cannot stand still/

Transform your ability to be creative. Learn how to maximise your creative and analytical thinking skills, create results under pressure and transform even the dullest of briefs using your own creative juices, helped with tools like Chat GPT. Specially designed for communications and public relations practitioners to go forward with greater confidence, be better equipped and be more creatively savvier to succeed in these extraordinary times.

Discover your own personal creative profile and how to make the most of your own and your wider team’s creative talents and potential.

Learn how to diagnose different types of problems and use your new Creativity Toolkit.

The session works on your real-life challenges and also features a follow-up 1:1 coaching session to embed the learning into your work.

Can you afford to miss it?