W7Worldwide Celebrates International Women’s Day, Highlighting Motherhood in the Age of Social Media


In recognition of the International Women’s Day 2024, celebrated annually on 8th March, W7Worldwide, a renowned marketing communications consultancy agency, has released an inspiring video highlighting the impact of a mother’s fame on her children in an era dominated by social media and fleeting celebrity status. The 34-second video follows the journey of a famous mother and her son, exploring the challenges and potential pitfalls of raising children in the public eye. (You can watch the video here: https://bit.ly/48BBCuR )


Celebrating Saudi women’s progress

This year’s International Women’s Day is particularly significant for Saudi Arabia, as it coincides with the remarkable progress made by Saudi women in a variety of fields and underscores the importance of gender equality. Saudi women have secured long-awaited rights such as driving and independent travel, thanks to the Kingdom’s continuous support and empowering initiatives under the Vision 2030, paving the way for a brighter future. Notably, the female labor force participation rate has risen to 35%, exceeding the Vision 2030 target of 30%.


Navigating the Age of Fame Responsibly

W7Worldwide’s video, titled “The Influencer Mom“, explores the complexities of motherhood in the era of social media and constant celebrity exposure. It depicts the journey of a famous mother and her son, from sharing their heartwarming everyday moments and genuine emotions online in his childhood, to navigating the challenges of his teenage years. The video delves deep into the delicate balance between maintaining a public persona and nurturing a family, highlighting the potential impact of fame on a child’s behavior and development.


The video opens with a heartwarming scene of a mother capturing her son’s precious moments and sharing them on social media. However, the tone shifts as the video progresses, depicting the potential pitfalls of acquiring and maintaining fame. It showcases situations where the mother’s focus on her online persona unintentionally neglects her son’s needs. In a later scene, a 9-10 years old child is seen live-streaming on social media, using inappropriate language without understanding the consequences of his actions. Throughout this scene, the mother remains disengaged, failing to guide or communicate effectively with her son.


Empowering Mothers to Raise Future Generations

W7Worldwide’s video is a powerful call for mothers to embrace the dual responsibility that comes in the age of social media. It encourages them to strike a healthy balance between personal and professional lives, while simultaneously educating themselves about the potential risks associated with social media fame and its impact on children’s development.


The video underscores the critical role of mothers in nurturing their children, instilling positive values in them, providing a safe and healthy environment, and guiding them on responsible social media use. The video concludes by emphasizing that supporting and empowering women is everyone’s responsibility.


W7Worldwide’s initiative aligns with its commitment to supporting and empowering Saudi women in all fields, recognizing them as key players in building the nation’s future, in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. W7Worldwide believes in the vital role mothers play in nurturing future generations and remains dedicated to raising awareness about the potential dangers of fame on children.  The video highlights the importance of fostering a safe and nurturing environment for children’s upbringing and this impactful video demonstrates W7Worldwide’s dedication to this cause.


About W7Worldwide

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