PRCA MENA Announces Formation of People and Culture Committee

Dubai, 14th March 2024 – PRCA MENA proudly announces the establishment of the People and Culture Committee, aimed at addressing critical talent-related topics within the Public Relations industry. Led by Alice Weightman, CEO of global talent businesses Hanson Search and The Work Crowd, and prominent member of PRCA, the committee comprises twelve esteemed members dedicated to fostering growth and excellence in the PR profession across the MENA region.

The PRCA MENA People and Culture Committee serves as a platform to identify, comprehend, and tackle current challenges and opportunities concerning talent in the PR industry. Comprised of seasoned professionals, the committee endeavours to develop and disseminate best practices, offering guidance and support to PRCA Members throughout the MENA region.

Alice Weightman, the appointed leader of the committee, expressed enthusiasm about the endeavour, stating, “We are committed to nurturing a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and professional development within the PRCA MENA community. Our mission is to empower members with the knowledge, resources, and networks needed to help challenge talent issues and cultivate a thriving and evolving industry landscape.”

The mission of the PRCA MENA People and Culture Committee is:
• Identify and understand current issues related to talent in the PR industry.
• Develop and share best practices to educate, encourage, and support PRCA Members in the MENA region.

Through collaborative efforts and proactive initiatives, the committee strives to inspire positive change, elevate industry standards, and cultivate a vibrant and dynamic PR ecosystem in the MENA region.