• Talkwalker’s new ‘Shape Tomorrow’ report looks at how brands can build a brighter tomorrow by connecting with their true heart – consumers
  • The future of the financial industry in the Middle East is poised for a radical transformation powered by data, technology, and people
  • 26% of surveyed consumers expect tomorrow’s brands to offer faster customer service; 12% expect tomorrow’s brands to diversify payment methods

Talkwalker, the leading consumer intelligence company, today published its latest report, Shape Tomorrow – How today’s consumer connections will shape your brand’s future. It reveals why now more than ever, brands should be adapting their strategies around their consumers – to shape tomorrow based on today’s consumer insights.

“Right now, we’re seeing brands struggling to get a grip on today,” said Tod Nielsen, Talkwalker CEO. “But that’s nothing compared to the tomorrow looming on the horizon. We’ll see a new iteration of consumers that have higher expectations of quality and speed, but are also hyper-concerned about society and the environment. Brands will have to balance these fluctuating demands to meet consumer expectations.”

The report includes a maturity framework to help brands understand how tomorrow-ready they are, based on 3 critical elements – data, technology, and people. Only the brands that master these will be consumer-close.

Consumer closeness enables brands to transform data into real-time consumer insight, to effortlessly guide decision-making, and drive brand growth. With leading-edge brands in customer-centricity growing nearly 3x faster than the industry average.

“We’re seeing an increasing gap developing between brands and consumers,” Nielsen continued. “In just one example, we found that over half of all sustainability conversations led by consumers around the CPG industry were missed by brands. Companies were missing this vital opportunity to connect with their consumers, a connection they could use to strengthen campaigns, services, and products, and develop more successful business strategies.”

You can download the Shape Tomorrow report here.

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