PRCA: International PR Community Positive in Face of COVID-19 Challenge

PRCA: International PR Community Positive in Face of COVID-19 Challenge


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 28th April 2020

The PRCA today released the results of its first international Business Confidence Tracker, with separate datasets for members in Latin America; the Middle East and North Africa; Southeast Asia; and the UK.

The numbers show that senior agency and in-house leaders around the world are confidence about their organisations’ futures. Members in each region recorded high net positive scores.

In response to the question ‘How confident do you feel about the future of your organisation right now?’, the findings were as follows:


Very confident 0 25 22 24
Quite confident 57 47 44 47
Neither confident nor unconfident 43 13 0 15
Not very confident 0 13 33 12
Not confident at all 0 3 0 3
Net confidence +57 +56 +33 +56

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA commented:

“All around the world, the PR industry is rising to the enormous challenge in front of it. From one continent to another, PRCA members are facing the future with remarkable confidence. In our conversations with the industry’s leading lights, there is a keen appreciation of the scale of the difficulties ahead, and a knowledge that tough decisions are required. But there is also a determination to take those decisions, and a belief that the flexibility and fundamental soundness of the industry will see us through to better times.”

Ghaleb Zeidan, Managing Director Weber Shandwick UAE response to the survey was:

Each crisis has its own opportunities and being able to adapt is a key to navigate challenging times and to unlock these opportunities.

PR professionals completed the Pulse survey carried out by The Pulse Business between 19th-21st April 2020


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