Interview Feature – Faris Aljameel One Group Vice Chairman

One Group: Saudi PR – Where Excellence Meets Innovation

Faris Aljameel, Vice Chairman of One Group, a prominent  PRCA MENA partner and Headline sponsor of the upcoming PRCA MENA Conference and Digital Awards, sheds light on the company’s commitment to driving impactful PR and its pivotal role as the headline sponsor.

Q1: Introduction to One Group’s Mission

Monika: One Group was established in 2017 in Riyadh. Please give us a brief insight into One Group’s core values and mission.

Faris: We are committed to integrating our mission and values into everything we do. Our mission is to make the innovation of integrated marketing and communication services and solutions a pillar in achieving significant excellence in line with the rapid development of human societies and the pursuit of results that exceed the expectations of our partners and clients. Our values are:

Disruption: We believe disruption is essential in a busy world where people are constantly stormed with messages. We use disruption to break through the clutter and get our clients’ and partners’ messages noticed.
Innovation: We constantly innovate and develop new ways to ultimate innovation solutions. We believe that innovation is the key to success in the ever-changing world of marketing and communication.

Commitment: We are committed to our clients and partners and their success. We work hard to understand their needs and develop solutions that meet those needs.

Open-mindedness: We are open to new ideas and perspectives. We believe that the best solutions come from collaboration and teamwork.

Our experience has proved that integrating our mission and values into everything we do can create a meaningful and lasting impact for our clients, partners, and the world. At One Group, we are a company for good we do our best to influence our clients and partners to develop their marketing and communication activities to revolve around people: in other words, human-centric communication activity targeting soul, mind, and body benefits.

Q2: Choosing to Champion the Conference

Monika: As a sponsor of this highly anticipated conference, could you elaborate on why One Group lent its support to this event in Saudi Arabia?

Faris: As a leading marketing and communications company in Saudi Arabia, One Group is committed to supporting the growth and development of the industry. The PRCA MENA Conference and Digital Awards is a prestigious event that brings together the best and brightest minds in PR and communications across the region. We are proud to sponsor this event and to be associated with such an important initiative; it is a valuable opportunity for professionals in the PR and communications industry to network, learn, and share ideas.

We are committed to promoting excellence in the industry, and we believe this event will help raise the bar for PR and communications in the region. Finally, we are excited to participate in this critical event in Riyadh, a city rapidly becoming a hub for innovation and creativity. Again, this falls under our beliefs of growth and helping others to prosper.

Monika: The conference is centred around themes like PR Vision, AI vs. PR, and the value of the MNEA region’s PR industry. How does One Group’s mission align with these themes?

Faris: One Group’s mission is aligned with the themes of the PRCA MENA Conference and Digital Awards in several ways:

PR Vision: One Group believes PR is essential for businesses and organizations to build relationships, communicate effectively, and achieve their goals. The conference’s focus on PR vision allows One Group to share its insights on how PR can be used to achieve business objectives.

AI vs. PR: One Group believes that AI can revolutionize the PR industry but that using AI in a way that complements, rather than replaces, human creativity and expertise is essential. The conference’s focus on AI vs. PR allows experts to discuss how AI can automate tasks, such as media monitoring and social media engagement, freeing human resources to focus on more strategic work.

Value of the PR industry in the MNEA region: One Group believes the PR industry is an asset to the Middle East and North Africa region. The conference’s focus on the value of the PR industry in the MNEA region provides an opportunity for One Group to highlight the importance of PR in the region and to share its insights on how the PR industry can continue to grow and thrive. For example, One Group could discuss how PR can promote tourism, attract foreign investment, and improve the region’s reputation. Considering our business disciplines and expansion plans, we will impact the industry regionally, knowing that the region needs to unlock its complete resources to utilize PR and communication properly.

Q3: Saudi/ International Engagement and Empowerment

Monika: Given the conference’s location in Riyadh, can you share insights into how One Group engages with local and international PR professionals?

Faris: We are delighted to be a sponsor of the PRCA MENA Conference and Digital Awards in Riyadh for the first time. This is a significant opportunity for us to connect with local and international PR and communication professionals, learn about the latest trends in the industry, and share our expertise. We look forward to attending the sessions and networking circles, speaking and participating in sessions and panels, and building relationships with other professionals in the industry. This will help us stay current on the latest PR and communication trends, benefiting our clients and stakeholders. This participation is an empowering tool for us. It helps us reach further and adds to our international affiliations and partnerships policy.

Q4: A Vision for the Future

Monika: Beyond the conference, what are One Group’s aspirations for continuous engagement and contributions to the local and global community?

Faris: We are always open to new ways to make a difference and impact. By continuing to engage with the community and advocate for change, we can positively impact corporates, professionals, and the community. We will continue supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs; we believe that strong local businesses are essential to a healthy economy and community and are committed to supporting them in any way we can. In our journey to promoting diversity and inclusion, everyone has something to contribute, and we are committed to creating a workplace and community that is welcoming and inclusive to all. Finally, partner with other organizations locally and internationally to work on shared goals.

This could involve collaborating on projects, sharing initiatives, and advocating for change on issues that are important to the industry and community; events like this are eye-opening and game-changers when it’s done on a professional level such as yours, and as you know, One Group is an advocate for game-changer concepts.

Monika: Lastly, what message would you like to convey to the conference attendees and participants in Saudi Arabia?

Faris: As a sponsor of the PRCA MENA event in Riyadh, I would like to welcome all attendees and participants in Riyadh! We are excited to have you here, and we hope you enjoy your time in our lovely city. Special thanks to PRCA MENA for your commitment to the PR and Communication industry. Your work is essential to the growth and development of our economy and society. We believe that PR and communication are the keys to a better future. We can build a more informed, connected, and inclusive world by working together. We are committed to supporting the growth of the PR and Communication industry in Saudi Arabia and the Region.

We look forward to working with you to make this a reality. I hope you have a productive and enjoyable conference. Thank you again for your participation.

Interview by Monika Fourneaux, PRCA Head of EMEA.