Introducing Active Studios: Your Partner for Video Production Services (and a little bit about my personal journey) By Mechelle Cordon Manuel

In the world of digital content, video production has become a powerful medium for storytelling, brand communication, and thought leadership. Active Studios, under the umbrella of Active DMC, stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation. This blog explores our services, my personal growth, and the transformative journey from amateur video editing to professional production.

Active Studios

Active Studios is where we craft compelling video content that captivates audiences and elevates our Clients’ brand presence. So, whether you’re looking to establish thought leadership, showcase memorable events, amplify your podcast presence, or share captivating customer success stories and case studies, we’ve got you covered!

Services Offered by Active Studios

• Video Production: Share your brand story in a compelling and engaging way. Active Studios’ multimedia experts collaborate with clients to create videos and vlogs that influence, inspire, and engage target audiences across all digital channels.

• Thought Leadership Videos: Quick, impactful, and thought-provoking—these videos position your brand as an industry leader. Whether it’s insights from experts or visionary perspectives, Active Studios crafts content that resonates with viewers.

• Podcast Production: From ideation to distribution, Active Studios handles the entire podcast journey. Their expertise ensures seamless recording, editing, and delivery, allowing you to focus on your message.


My Personal Journey with Active Studios

My journey with video production began humbly. Driven bycuriosity and a passion for storytelling, I started learning video editing alongside a professional cinematographer friend. We devoured YouTube tutorials, dissecting transitions, color grading, and sound design. Our enthusiasm fuelled late-night editing sessions, turning amateur footage into mini masterpieces.

As my skills grew, I yearned for real-world experience. I tagged along on friends’ shoots, observing professionals in action. I soaked up knowledge like a sponge, learning not just technical skills but also the art of collaboration. Active DMC supported and encouraged my passion towards video production and I started shooting and editing videos for Active’s GITEX event highlights.

I remember buying our first camera. It wasn’t top-of-the-line, but it was ours — our gateway to video. Active DMC encouraged my experimentation and pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

Fast-forward to today. My journey with Active DMC has led us to a fully equipped production setup. We have our own green room—a space where ideas come alive. The walls echo with laughter, brainstorming sessions, and the hum of equipment. Active Studios nurtured my growth, providing mentorship, resources, and opportunities.

Active Studios isn’t just about pixels and frames; it’s about passion, collaboration, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Remember: Every frame tells a story.

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