ICCO launches Global PR Youth Board to inspire creativity and push boundaries

The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) has launched a new Global PR Youth Board (GPRYB) to foster collaboration and creativity among young public relations professionals across the globe.

In partnership with ICCO, the GPRYB is founded by the winners of the ICCO Next Generation PR World Cup 2021, Victoria Brown (Mutant Communications) and Heather Seet (Mutant Communications), along with the Gold Cannes Young PR Lions 2021 winners, Gigi Rice (Citizen Relations North America) and Elle Bellwood (Freuds). They are joined with six other GPRYB leads focused on content, social Media and campaigns.

GPRYB Co-Chair Gigi Rice said:

“The GPRYB are bringing together the best Creative and Accounts talent around the world to inspire and educate young people on the evolving public relations industry. At a time where the lines between PR, advertising, social media and creative design are blurring, GPRYB strives to create a space to showcase the amazing work of PR youth and to attract more people to join this flourishing industry.”

GPRYB Co-Chair Victoria Brown said:

“We are excited to be launching a global effort to empower and give young PR professionals around the world a voice in this ever-growing industry. The GPRYB serves as a platform for knowledge-sharing and engagement among young PR professionals to inspire creativity and innovation in the industry.”

ICCO President Nitin Mantri said:

“Nurturing the next generation of creative talent is hugely important to the PR industry. We have made great strides supporting Young Lions and developing the PR World Cup competitions. The Global PR Youth Board continues this legacy, uniting PR talent from around the world and providing a platform to contribute to industry initiatives and campaigns. I look forward to seeing this group grow and be torch bearers for organisations like ICCO.”

The GPRYB founding Board consists of:

  • Victoria Brown, Mutant Communications (Malaysia), as GPRYB Co-Chair
  • Gigi Rice, Citizen Relations North America (United Kingdom), as GPRYB Co-Chair
  • Heather Seet, Mutant Communications (Singapore), as GPRYB Vice-Chair
  • Elle Bellwood, Freuds (United Kingdom), as GPRYB Vice-Chair
  • Caitlin Corcoran, Mission (United States), as Campaigns Lead
  • Ludovica Marchese, Omnicom Public Relations Group (Italy), as Campaigns Lead
  • Onyeka Iyoha, Modion Communications (Nigeria), as Content Lead
  • Sweta Fernandes, Eleven PR (United Arab Emirates), as Content Lead
  • Mica Keeney, Mission (United States), as Social Lead
  • Burton Leung, PRHK (Hong Kong), as Social Lead

Board members will serve as spokespersons on global PR topics and raise youth perspectives for greater youth-led engagement among young PR professionals around the world.

On top of assisting with ICCO activities, the Board will host workshops, webinars and talks to promote the industry and inspire the next generation.

The Global PR Youth Board can be contacted at gpryb@iccopr.com.