Cicero & Bernay wins Property Finder

Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy (C&B), an independent, UAE-based communication firm, has announced the onboarding of Property Finder, the MENA region’s property technology company. 

C&B aims to take lead on all Property Finder’s public relations requirements in the region to further the brand’s presence and inspire engagement to foster brand affinity. As a communication partner, C&B will be responsible for positioning the real estate portal as a trusted brand with the help of communication tactics built on key narratives to differentiate it.

Tariq Al Sharabi, managing director of Cicero & Bernay, said, “As a communication consultancy, our mission is to work with clients on uplifting their market presence and influence. Property Finder is the most accomplished real estate platform in the region and one we are excited to be partnering with to empower its communication regionally and beyond through bespoke communication strategies and plans. Our ultimate aim will be to increase conversation around the portal further and convey the core values of customer-centricity and innovation that the brand is built upon.”

Sevgi Gur, chief marketing officer of Property Finder, said, “We are excited to partner with Cicero & Bernay as our PR agency. Thanks to their strong understanding of the regional media landscape and innovative strategies, I am confident they will play a critical role in driving an impactful PR and corporate agenda for our brand and communicate our purpose and commitment in the most effective way.”

According to C&B, Property Finder stands to benefit from its experience and expertise in providing PR and 360 communication services to major real estate brands across the UAE. The agency, which was recently awarded a ‘Large Consultancy of the Year’ commendable award by PRCA MENA, will support Property Finder with industry-leading content created around public relations services and activities designed to enhance brand awareness for the property portal.