How to choose the best agency partner

The close of Q4 means it’s time to take a look at those 2018 budgets. Where will you spend your marketing dollars? If you are like most of our incoming clients over the past few months, you are very likely looking into retaining an agency partner to help you reach your communications and marketing goals.

Picking the right partner can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help make that decision an easy one!

1.Understand your organizational needs

One of our biggest pet peeves when we meet with potential clients is they just want to appear on the front page of XYZ daily newspaper. But does that reach your customers where they are? Having an understanding of where your customers are and how to reach them can help you develop a good brief. So when you meet with agencies, you know exactly what success will look like and how they can help you get there.

2.Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Do your research. Why would you let a firm that has a bad reputation manage your own? Has the firm taken the time to build a solid brand over the years? Does it have a good reputation among other companies in your space? Don’t overlook the importance of answering these questions, as they will point you toward the firms that most closely align with your goals.

3.Have a meeting

You should never hire a PR firm until you have a face-to-face meeting, even if that means over video chat. This important step will make sure you have that chemistry to build and maintain a trusted partnership.

4.Get in touch with PRCA

The professional body for public relations professionals, PRCA has a free Matchmaker service specifically designed to help marketers and business owners find an agency partner. Your requirements will be matched to the capabilities of PRCA’s member agencies with agencies that have been accredited with the PRCA’s quality kitemark, Communications Management Standard prioritized.

5.Ask for testimonials

Any good agency will have countless clients willing to reap their praises. Take a look at the agency’s website. If they don’t have relevant case histories or client testimonials, it’s best to ask. If not, you better look elsewhere.


Having the right partner can pay dividends and contribute greatly to your ROI. Just ask some of our clients!


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Author: Lauren Bush, Active DMC