Al-Hamami: “Holidays offer interaction opportunities and may involve risks”

PR practitioners do not enjoy the luxury of vacations.

Riyadh, 18th April 2023: Reputation Management Consultant Ali Al-Hamami said: “Eid Al-Fitr brings joy and happiness and enhances the sense of togetherness and support. It is an occasion formed by religious, human, and social characteristics”. “From the point of view of the organizations towards their audience, Eid is an opportunity to communicate and apply the roles of public relations to enhance their mental images, share the joy of their clients, show the human side of the organization, and further enhance confidence in them”, he added.

Al-Hamami pointed out that with the diversity of communication means, the professionalism of public relations practitioners appears in communicating with the targeted audience and keeping the organization present in the public’s minds.

He continued: “Through social media platforms, organizations post congratulations to the general public, providing an opportunity to create content related to a service or product dedicated to this occasion, and this can be supported by the influence of popular accounts, in addition to text messages (SMS), newsletters, television channels, radio stations, digital platforms, loyalty programs and other points of contact that suit the event and the audiences.

He added that the communication activities during Eid are an opportunity to provide community service and social responsibility programs that are appropriate for such occasion, emphasizing that such activities create a positive impact on the organization and enhance its influence on the general psychological atmosphere among the masses, and thus creates a great opportunity to highlight these activities in the media.

Existing challenges
The Consultant said: “The challenge faced by public relations practitioners is to provide effective communication considering the high number of communication and marketing messages that reach every member of society. Efficiency is represented in the content’s details that enhance the organization’s values, the selection of the most appropriate timing for publication and platform, and the selection of supportive means of communication.”

Al-Hamami continued: “It is the responsibility of public relations practitioners to be fully prepared to handle communication crises and to clarify the appropriate mechanism for the beneficiaries to interact with the organization, in addition to monitoring the views of the public about the organization in regard of shortcomings in a service or product delivery, to ensure prompt tackling of the issue and limit its impact on the organization’s reputation. All of which could make enjoying holidays an unaffordable luxury for PR practitioners. He noted that the holiday seasons could involve high risks due to the multiple possibilities of crises, including if the organization has an international audience that needs interaction during the official vacation.

Communication is Awareness and Appreciation
He concluded: “Benefiting from occasions affirms the organization’s awareness, shows that it is keeping pace with current events among the targeted public, and reflects its appreciation for the audience. These activities should also be subject to monitoring and analyzing data and feedback and developing communication initiatives and activities for similar future events.