W7Worldwide’s Inspiring Video Commemorates Saudi Arabia’s Remarkable Journey on its 93rd National Day

In commemoration of the 93rd Saudi National Day, which is celebrated annually on September 23rd, W7Worldwide, an acclaimed independent marketing communications consultancy agency in the region, has unveiled a captivating 1.05-minute video titled “What Leadership Looks Like in Saudi Arabia?”
The video serves as a tribute to the Kingdom’s outstanding accomplishments in 2023, achieved through the determination of its people and the visionary leadership that envisions a future marked by progress, development, and prosperity. Saudi Arabia, under the banner of Vision 2030, has solidified its position as a key player on both regional and international stages, undergoing remarkable transformations across various domains – from economic and technological advancements to sports and societal changes.
Space Exploration

The video commences by highlighting Saudi Arabia’s historic achievements in space exploration. It follows the extraordinary journey of Saudi astronauts Rayyanah Barnawi and Ali Alqarni to the International Space Station, culminating in the successful landing of their spacecraft in the Atlantic Ocean. Their mission, which encompassed 14 research projects on microgravity, promises significant benefits for humanity and positions the Kingdom at the forefront of space exploration. Notably, Rayyanah Barnawi made history as the first Arab woman to orbit the Earth.

International Awards
The video shines a spotlight on Saudi Arabia’s young talents who participated in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) competition in the United States. An impressive 35 students from the Saudi Science and Engineering Team made the journey, returning with an impressive tally of 22 international awards. This achievement underscores the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering excellence in education and scientific innovation.

Sport Excellence
Saudi Arabia’s dedication to sports excellence is another highlight in the video. As part of the Vision 2030 initiative, the Saudi Pro League has attracted top international football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar da Silva, and Karim Benzema, making it a premier destination for talented players. The Roshn League has captivated football fans worldwide, being broadcast in over 100 countries by 40 channels. Additionally, Saudi Arabia’s investment in major golf events reflects its ambition to promote and popularize the sport on a global scale.

Communication Achievements
The video showcases Saudi Arabia’s strides in the communication and technology sector, ranking 2nd among G20 members and 4th globally in Digital Systems Preparedness. This achievement is attributed to the nation’s commitment to building a sustainable regulatory framework and embracing digital collaborative regulation to empower the digital economy. These efforts have bolstered the performance and productivity of various vital sectors.

Ambitions and Accomplishments
Emphasizing Saudi Arabia’s pursuit of global leadership, the video conveys the message that the country aspires to elevate its name proudly across various domains, including the economy, politics, society, sports, technology, and legislation. It also highlights the empowerment of Saudi women and the encouragement of youth to take leadership roles in shaping the nation’s future.

The Saudis’ Determination
The video concludes with a profound quote from His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: “The Saudis’ strength is like that of Mount Tuwaiq, unbreakable unless this mountain is leveled and equaled to the ground.” This quote symbolizes the unwavering determination of the Saudi people and the unbreakable bond between wise leadership and its citizens, with Mount Tuwaiq serving as an enduring testament to resilience and strength.

W7Worldwide’s video is a tribute to Saudi Arabia’s remarkable journey and its unyielding commitment to progress, unity, and prosperity as it celebrates its 93rd National Day under the theme of “We Dream and Achieve.”


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