6 brands to participate in pilot for new influencer club that targets those with 500 followers to deliver authentic and effective return on investment for brands #TishTash500Club

To meet the ever-changing demands of influencer marketing and global trends, boutique beauty and wellness communications agency TishTash launched their new influencer programme – The 500 Club, in January 2020.   A little behind schedule, like most things at the moment, and after months of recruitment and screening, October sees the pilot for the TishTash 500 club kick off.


As brands demand authenticity and a greater return on investment, we see them turning to influencers that are relatable and trustworthy and this tends to come from those with a smaller social following.  The TishTash 500 club was developed from the idea that the majority of us “normal” folk have around 500 friends on social media – these are our true friends, family and acquaintances – those who know us, trust us and actually may listen to what we say!  As such, these 500 friends and followers are more likely to take action after seeing us talk about a product we tried, our new favourite restaurant or an amazing online delivery experience we had and the likely percentage ROI is expected to be far higher than with the influencers with a much larger following.


The TishTash 500 Club will kick off in October with 6 brands targeting different audiences and at different points in their product life cycle, including Champion Cleaners, Citron lunchboxes, This Works, Rascal + Friends nappies, Costa and Formula 10.0.6.


On signing up to #TishTash50Club, CEO and Co-founder Sara Chemmaa of Citron said, “As a small homegrown brand, I see much more impact from small insta accounts vs the large ones and as a social media user, I have much greater trust in  the “private” small accounts because I feel they are more “real” and speak the truth and are not paid to advertise.”


Babak Moghadam, General Manager of Champion Cleaners added, “The 500 club is a unique concept that could definitely help us to connect with genuine people and serve as an excellent platform to get us one step closer to families and their friends. We look forward to seeing the results and findings in the months to come”.


Shemaine Jones, Head of Marketing for Emirates Leisure Retail (Costa Coffee UAE) concludes, “Word of Mouth is THE most powerful marketing tool , the TishTash 500 Club is the closest way to connect with real customers and the best way to generate Word of Mouth marketing. In times when people want reassurance and trust from a brand what better way to deliver it than through REAL people! It’s an excellent initiative we’re excited to be part of”.


Over 6,000 individuals applied to be part of the club, with a final selection of 500 members each with 500 followers on Instagram (plus or minus 200) being made.  


Case studies from the TishTash 500 Club will be published in December 2020 and on the basis of these findings further campaigns will be launched.


For more information visit www.tishtash.com or @tishtashtalks @TishTashTots.


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