Three top trend predictions for 2018

Reputation is important as ever, new technologies are evolving at an unprecedented rate, and there’s an undeniable shift in the way communication works in the business world. Here are three of the top trends we predict to see developing in the coming year:

  1. Increasing focus on influencer marketing. According to a study by Tomoson, it is the “fastest growing customer acquisition channel, outpacing organic search and email marketing”. While the idea is not new, the execution is becoming more sophisticated.
  2. Evolution of artificial intelligence. There is a lot of room for growth when it comes to artificial intelligence in the PR community. The term is exciting to many (and scary to some), particularly in an industry which has foundationally relied on human interaction and relationships. However, we see exciting new technologies improving such as predictive analytics and image recognition which will help us make smarter decisions about how we communicate.
  3. Breaking the silos between PR and Marketing. This trend has already started in some organisations, and we expect to see it continue to grow. As the digital landscape evolves, traditional media and social media become much more intertwined – as do the teams who work with them. Check out our recent ebook on the evolving skillset of a modern PR pro, and stay tuned for some upcoming research we’re doing about the trend which will be released in the new year.

Author: Jeremy Shayler, Business Development Director, Middle East at LexisNexis BIS