Talkwalker and YouGov publish a report on GCC consumer behavior in Ramadan 2022

This Ramadan, GCC consumers had different priorities and motives when choosing between CPG brands. In fact, Talkwalker and YouGov MENA have partnered to survey GCC consumers and found that 66% consider ‘price’ as the primary factor when choosing between brands. Price-consciousness appears to be directly affecting consumers’ buying behavior. Are brands listening?
Talkwalker’s new report, “Evolving consumer behavior in the GCC during Ramadan 2022”, reveals post-covid consumer priorities, consumer purchasing behavior changes on the horizon, and what brands need to do to foster consumer loyalty in this economy—and why.


Read the full report to see how GCC consumers have changed their behavior during Ramadan 2022:• What factors they consider when choosing between brands
• What drives GCC consumers to continue buying from the same brand
• Whether they are planning on buying from smaller or less-known brands

You can download the report here.