PRCA MENA Census report 2023

Remote Work Prevails as Industry Adapts, Yet Diversity Efforts Persist – 2023 PRCA MENA Census

Key findings:

  • Remote Working:

Remote work has become a fixture in the MENA PR sector, with 35% of practitioners working in the office full-time and 35% working remotely full-time.
There has been a notable increase in practitioners working remotely part-time, indicating a shift towards flexible work arrangements.
The UAE’s implementation of changes in the work week has led to increased productivity and better work-life balance for many practitioners.

  • Diversity:

Gender demographics in the industry have shifted, with 66% of respondents being male and 34% female.
The presence of multilingual practitioners has increased, reflecting the importance placed on language proficiency in the workforce.
The percentage of respondents identifying as having a disability has increased gradually, indicating efforts towards a more inclusive workplace.

  • Gender Equality:

While progress has been made in narrowing the gender pay gap and promoting inclusivity, challenges remain in promoting women to leadership positions.
The industry’s approach to promoting women to leadership roles has declined, with only 33% of respondents rating it as good or very good.
More efforts are needed to address barriers preventing women from advancing in the PR and Communications industry.

  • Mental Health:

Mental health awareness is growing, but work-related pressures persist, with 52% of respondents making work-related calls or sending emails outside office hours every day.
The mean value of contracted hours exceeds actual hours worked, indicating potential stressors related to workload.

  • Pay and Bonuses:

The majority of respondents received pay rises (66%) and bonuses (64%) in the last 12 months, indicating positive trends in compensation.
Women were slightly more likely to receive pay rises and bonuses compared to men, reflecting progress in addressing the gender pay gap.
These findings underscore the need for continued efforts to promote diversity, inclusivity, mental health support, and gender equality in the MENA PR industry.

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