It’s a Girl Thing. PERIOD

TishTash to run virtual day of awareness for female health and wellbeing on June 29th

TishTash, the award-winning, UAE agency leaders in female-focused brand PR and communications will host “It’s a Girl Thing. Period” on Tuesday, June 29th, in a first of its kind, a one-day virtual event designed to tackle the taboo issues of menstrual and feminine health for women of every age and stage of life.

Periods can make people feel uncomfortable – but talking about them shouldn’t be. The average woman menstruates for 3,000 days during her lifetime – the equivalent of 8.2 years. There’s no denying that menstruation is a big part of life and it’s essential that society makes that ‘time of the month’ and everything that goes with it a more manageable, open, and shame-free process.

“It’s time to start talking about periods and women’s menstrual health”, – says Natasha Hatherall Shawe, Founder and CEO of TishTash. “We are female-owned, and an unapologetically female-focused agency – Menstrual health affects 50% of the world’s population, 100% of my staff and management, and the daily lives and wellbeing of those women and girls.  We need to end any shame and stigma traditionally associated with periods and gynaecological health. From teenagers through to menopause, to treatments and wellness solutions, from discussions around period poverty to eco-friendly products, pregnancy and birth and infertility – these sessions have been designed to bring women together to raise awareness with openness, honesty, and a dash of humour. We need to make these issues a mainstream topic, and let fellow females know that we are in this together “.

Featuring a back-to-back schedule of interactive sessions from 9 am through to 8.30 pm and with the support of event sponsors The Body Shop, Nabta Health and SEVA, the day will focus on all aspects of menstrual, womb and vaginal health issues, to help females of any age – with expert input and discussions including;

  • Yoga – To balance hormones and reduce PMS. Yoga provides a perfect exercise for menstrual health management, relieving stress and increasing general wellbeing.
  • The environment – Eco-friendly sanitary products are on the rise an introduction to safe and new options.
  • Perimenopause – What is it and who it affects. How can we manage something that can affect us for up to a decade before our periods actually stop? Ann Marie McQueen, the founder of the Hot Flash Inc Platform, facilitates this session.
  • Period poverty – A global issue, with millions of females living without easy access to sanitary products and education around feminine health, we’ll discuss the issue and what we can do to help. TV Presenter and Broadcaster Katie Fielder moderates this session.
  • Nutrition – How we feed our body during our period can affect our cycle and our overall health both physically and mentally. Our experts provide key insights and tips into how to feed your body during menstruation and how to support with regulating hormones.
  • Fertility and infertility – What to look out for, and how we can work with nature and our own body clocks when it’s time to plan a family. Moderated by infertility advocate Emma Belle.
  • Womb healing meditation – The practice of connecting with the feminine magic of the womb led by Eva Louise Williams from SEVA Experience.
  • Expert Q&A with Obs/Gynae – get your questions answered by a leading regional gynaecologist.

Held virtually on June 29th, “It’s a Girl Thing. Period” is free to attend and open to everyone and participants can dip in and out of the daily sessions as they wish and can register via this link: