Industry research: COVID-19 significantly impacts PR industry in MENA

Industry research: COVID-19 significantly impacts PR industry in MENA

PRCA MENA has announced the results of its COVID-19 survey which aims to provide a better understanding of how communications professionals and organisations are coping with the current pandemic.

The survey –which gathered the views of in-house and agency professionals in MENA- revealed that organisations have been significantly impacted by the pandemic, with 49% of respondents saying operations within their organisation have been affected.

According to the survey, the industry is somewhat prepared (30%) for dealing with the pandemic. However, 19% of respondents said that the industry was not prepared at all.

The research also revealed:

  • 38% of respondents said their own organisation was very prepared in dealing with the outbreak, followed by 22% who said their organisation was somewhat prepared.
  • Similarly, 62% said their own organisation’s communication function was somewhat prepared for dealing with the outbreak.
  • The majority (73%) of organisations have implemented remote working policies in an effort to deal with the outbreak. 64% have cancelled events, and 30% have instigated travel bans.
  • Most organisations are updating their crisis communications plans with 43% of respondents saying that they have made good progress in doing so. A further 16% said their plans were fully updated.


Hayley Clements MPRCA, General Manager, PRCA MENA said:

“The survey results show that the global pandemic is seriously affecting the PR and communications industry. The industry needs support during these difficult times and the PRCA is ready to provide that support. We have launched our global taskforce, which will provide global guidance, best-practice, advocacy, and support for the public relations profession over the coming months. We’ve also established a weekly call, where agency heads and comms directors from around the world can compare notes, and share how their own organisations are responding -a tangible benefit of being part of the world’s largest PR body.”

The PRCA has launched a Global Covid-19 Public Communications Taskforce in response to Covid-19. This Taskforce will provide free practical support to practitioners around the world. It has also created a resources hub to ensure members are kept informed about the ongoing outbreak.

You can find more information here.