Only two participants are required to form a team, consultancies and in-house teams are welcome to enter multiple teams. Each participant must be 30 years or younger i.e. born after 23rd June, 1990 and able to travel to Cannes in June (date TBC).

PRCA MENA will cover two delegate passes to Cannes PR Lions. All other costs will need to be covered by the competition winners.

Technology and images

At the Cannes Young Lions PR competition all participants will be required to use the hardware, software and images (Getty Images) authorised by the Festival Organisers and the Sponsors. Personal laptops or other devices are not allowed. They will have access to the internet for research purposes only.

For the purposes of the MENA competition it is recommended that the Microsoft Office and image editing software be used. Any royalty-free imagery can be utilized for the MENA competition.

MENA Competition Instructions

You will be expected to create a PR campaign which should:

  • Connect with the charity’s/not-for-profit organisation’s brand value and have an impact (i.e. increase in donations or other applicable parameters)
  • Increase awareness/create engagement with the public
  • Identify and build relations with relevant stakeholders (journalists, interest groups, opinion leaders, industry representatives, internal audiences etc.)
  • Create PR supporting material applicable in relevant media channels (i.e. press releases, infographics, statistics, online content, etc.)

Written submission called ‘Campaign Description’ (max 450 words):

Recommended break-down:
Describe the creative idea (150 words)
Potential for industry impact
Describe the strategy (150 words)
Target audience, target media, PR planning, approach
Describe the execution (150 words)
Implementation of PR activities, timeline, scale

PowerPoint presentation

A maximum of 10 slides are allowed. At the finalists’ interviews, the jury will have a maximum of 5 minutes to ask questions immediately following the 5-minute presentation.
Teams are also expected to produce 1 slide that visually summarises your presentation. This should be the last slide within your presentation.

Contestants should use at least 2 elements or channels that are predominantly PR driven. These could include:

• Social media (each social media network will be considered as ONE element)
• Brand owned channel (i.e a brand’s website)
• Brand partnership/endorsement
• Media relation with other mediums (TV/radio etc.)
• Audience /stakeholder engagement
• Content creation
• Events

Judges will only review your written submission, PowerPoint presentation and summary slide.

Please do not supply any support documents.