The Pressures of ‘Hyper Success’ In a Digital Age & Its Impact on PR Industry Newcomers

The allure of achieving remarkable success over a short timespan has captivated many. With a regular influx on social media of achievements and highlights of peers that flood our feeds, it’s difficult to not feel inadequate or that you may not meet the mark. This is rings particularly true for newcomers in the public relations industry, which is synonymous with oversaturated. The combined expectations of delivering measurable success and performing at exceptional levels, presents a formidable challenge that necessitates careful navigation to find sustained triumphs while preserving one’s wherewithal over the long run.

Aspiring PR newcomers are often faced with gargantuan expectations to make an immediate impact upon joining the workforce. “Hit the ground running,” they say. But what if the rat-race has already started and you don’t have a leg to stand on?
The weight of this pressure to perform at an extraordinarily high level can be daunting in itself. Compound that with a portion of ‘comparison’ and you’ve got an appetizer of self-doubt, a plateful of anxiety and a burnt (out) dessert.

The fear of falling short, particularly in comparison to our peers, can be paralyzing. Witnessing colleagues and competitors achieve remarkable success often leads to self-doubt and questions about our own capabilities. We may worry that we are not doing enough, not implementing the right strategies, or falling behind the pack. Such fears gradually erode our confidence and diminish our passion for the work we do.

In the digital landscape, success is often measured by the ever-so-reliable quantifiable metrics of likes, followers, and engagement rates. The relentless pursuit of viral content and trendiness can be suffocating, leaving newcomers feeling lost in a sea of expectations without a clear path to success. While the appeal of hyper success may captivate us, it is crucial to recognize that such pursuits are often unsustainable and may compromise our well-being. The impact of social media on our sense of adequacy cannot be understated. While social media has opened doors to unprecedented opportunities for recognition and success, the constant stream of success stories and awards can leave lead to feeling inadequate. Witnessing the achievements of our peers can serve as motivation, but it can also foster unrealistic expectations and a belief that our own efforts fall short. It is vital to remember that success is not a sprint but a marathon, requiring dedication, perseverance, and the nurturing of our unique strengths.

So how can we navigate around the ‘hyper success’ rabbit hole as opposed to falling in it?

Setting realistic goals isn’t just your best bet, its your trump card.
Aligning our long-term aspirations with every small victory builds a metaphorical step towards your achieving your overall goals. Break down larger objectives into smaller, achievable milestones and celebrate each step you take forward. Cultivate a sense of progress and accomplishment, and watch your stack of accolades grow.

Stop comparing, even if other do it for you.
As opposed to measuring ourselves against our peers, identify your areas of strength and weaknesses, and commit to continuous improvement and consistency. It is not a race, it’s a marathon. Embrace a growth mindset and transform your setbacks into set-ups for the future.

Build authentic relationships with clients, colleagues and other in the industry, which would make you more excited about the work you do. From pitches to strategy, your authenticity and wilfulness towards your work will speak for itself.

All-in-all, embrace the journey and the process of learning and growth. Let’s recognize that success is not an overnight phenomenon, but rather a culmination of continuous effort, dedication, and self-improvement.

So, to all the newcomers to the world of PR, remember that you are not alone in facing the pressures of being hyper successful. Follow the path of your unique journey, celebrate your accomplishments along the way, and stay true to yourself. Success isn’t a sprint; it’s a metamorphosis.

–  Jibran Munaf, Senior Comms Executive, Catch Communications