Step 1

Click the button below to view the different award categories.

Step 2

Click on the ‘Enter Award‘ button to see the award details. From there, select what price rate you will be paying (either Member or Non-Member) and how many entries you wish to enter. Then click the ‘Add to basket‘ button. From here, a message will appear once the award has been successfully added to your basket. You can then click the ‘View Basket‘ button and once the ‘Basket‘ page appears and you’re happy with the awards you want to enter, click ‘Proceed to Checkout‘ to complete payment.

For multiple entries, click follow the top paragraph for each award category.

Step 3

Once you have paid for your entries, please ensure you have read this award guidance pdf.

Then go to this page. If not logged in already, use the username you received in the ‘Your account on PRCA MENA’ email (received once payment has been completed) and enter the password you specified on the checkout page to fill out the ‘Entrant Login’ form. You will see a list of all the awards you are entering and links to submit your documentation for each award entry as required.

PLEASE NOTE: To submit your entry you must LOG IN to the account used for payment

Step 4

You must complete all fields and upload all requested documents when submitting your entry.

Once satisfied, click on the ‘Submit Entry’ button. After submitting, a note will pop up to tell you that your submission has been successful. There is no email confirmation of this.