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Date(s) - 03/10/2023
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm



Failure to prepare for a crisis nearly always results in reputational and financial loss. Conversely, organisations which are seen to do and say the right thing in a crisis enjoy reputational gains. This seminar uses real-life examples to describe how to anticipate potential crises, how to put systems and processes in place to deal with the unexpected, and how to react ‘on the day’. It explains the key role of the media and how to win their approval. The seminar describes the importance of trained spokespeople and how to use rehearsals, simulations and practice to avoid panic. It also offers examples and statistics for use in persuading management to invest in crisis readiness.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: Virtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Trainer: Adrian Wheeler FPRCA

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Event Overview

How attendees will benefit
Attendees will:

  • Learn how to make a compelling case to clients for investment in crisis preparedness
  • Gain proven rules and systems for handling stakeholder and media relations during and after a crisis
  • Understand how to cut through the panic and take control of a crisis in ‘the Golden Hour’
  • Be able to sell crisis preparedness programmes and acquit themselves professionally when crisis strikes a client.

Who should attend
This PRCA workshop is designed to help consultants and practitioners work with senior client management to prepare for handling crisis communications in a calm, professional and creditable manner.

What attendees will learn
The agenda is based on case-studies and covers:

  • Presenting the case for crisis communications preparation to management
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning (what is likely to happen?)
  • Stakeholders and audiences in a crisis: knowing who they are in advance
  • Crisis procedures: roles, systems, equipment, locations, materials, handbooks
  • Training, simulations, rehearsals; keeping up-to-date
  • On the day: what a crisis feels like, what it looks like
  • Immediate actions: seizing the initiative
  • Handling media relations professionally in a crisis
  • External follow-up and internal learnings


  • Hard copy (or online copy) of the Powerpoint slide deck
  • List of relevant books, articles, sites and blogs
  • Checklists, cue-s

The presenter is the author of ‘Crisis Communications Management’, a title in the PRCA’s Practice Guide series, published by Emerald Publishing.


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