PRCA MENA believes that the best client/consultancy relationships are true partnerships, where both deliver against key commitments in order to achieve common goals, and where each partner understands and respects the commercial and operational imperatives of the other.

This 10 Point Charter is intended to help client organisations and their public relations consultancies work together as effectively and as productively as possible. This will help ensure that consultancies are able to deliver their very best work to clients within agreed budgets and that clients get the value and return on investment they need and expect. 

It is in no way intended to replace existing contractual arrangements between clients and their consultancies. Rather, it hopes to add some key principles which can make the relationship more effective, improve results. and increase return on investment.

We recommend that this is used as an appendix to your client contracts and as a point for discussion when onboarding new clients. This charter has been produced from feedback from PR and communications practitioners and is of real value to our members. Agencies can push that this is another element of being a PRCA member that can be positioned as a benefit to a client. PRCA MENA members work to global standards and working with an agency that follows this charter will demonstrate quality standards.