The Ultimate List of Middle East Podcasts

It’s no secret that the podcast scene in the Middle East is booming! Aptly enough – given the Middle East’s rich history that is steeped in oral tradition. Have you ever met an Arab who doesn’t love a good story?

Talkwalker Quick Search: 186K mentions of podcasts in the MENA region since the beginning of 2019

According to new statistics released by markettiers MENA in July 2019, there are 1.3 million
regular podcast listeners in the UAE alone who, interestingly, rank miles ahead of non-MENA listeners when it comes to trust in podcasts (versus radio & TV, for example). The medium has proven to excel in engagement, positive recall, and positive brand sentiment. A real opportunity for brands!

And, indeed, brands are starting to harness the power of podcast marketing whether it’s through making their own podcasts or collaborating with existing ones as guests or through ad sponsorship.


Why should you – or your client – invest in podcasts?

  • To tell interesting stories about your brand to the public
  • To communicate internally with your teams in the age of remote/flex working
  • To build trust using a medium that naturally lends itself to a level of intimacy and loyalty that is hard to achieve with other forms of advertising
  • To engage niche communities who are true fans or aficionados in your brand’s industry
  • To share expert opinions or advice
  • To create a safe and inclusive space for your community
  • To spark new, honest conversations in a region that’s burgeoning with potential & opportunity
  • To stay ahead of the curve and ensure your brand is digital-forward
  • To support a local industry and contribute to the digital revival of the rich Middle Eastern history of oral tradition

Download the full list of MENA podcasts!

Key figures about the state of podcasts in the Middle East

  • There has been over 186.8K online mentions of podcasts in the Middle East since Jan 2019
  • These mentions have generated 373.8K engagement
  • The total estimated reach of the online mentions of podcasts in the Middle East this year is 4.7B
  • The majority of online conversation around podcasts in the Middle East originates in the following countries: Saudi Arabia (103,755), United Arab Emirates (27,454), Egypt (13,872), Jordan (9,689)
  • The demographic engaging in online conversations about podcasts in the Middle East is 66% male, 34% female
  • 60% of the conversation around podcasts in the Middle East is in Arabic and 35% is in English
  • 91% of regular podcast listeners in the UAE trust podcasts more than other traditional forms of media

To help you keep up with the booming podcast industry, Talkwalker put together a comprehensive directory of 50+ active podcasts based out of the Middle East and as well as one covering the Middle East remotely. Download the full list or browse through some of their top picks here.