Tariq Al Sharabi

Tariq Al Sharabi has almost two decades of experience in the Middle East’s budding PR industry. His diverse professional background includes overseeing the company’s financial performance, building the company portfolio and supervising the client servicing teams to drive maximum performance across the board. His people skills ensure a motivated team that helps further develop and enhance company culture. Under his leadership as managing director of the award-winning agency, C&B has consistently exceeded client expectations by implementing integrated communication plans, comprehensive business strategies and delivered measurable results. Tariq is known for his qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, in-depth knowledge of client industries and keeping his finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving communication sector which allows him to remain efficient and productive under pressure.

Throughout his career, he has been invited to speak at multiple universities to nurture student ambition, and he is often featured in industry publications for his unique views on the communication sector. As a major football enthusiast, Tariq spends his spare time playing the sport when he isn’t watching Juventus matches. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter sharing his viewpoints on the sector and more